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I am Isabella, and I am in the Lower Sixth. I have been working on this project since Summer 2023. 

I started HandMeDowne to provide an option for buying cheaper, more sustainable, second hand uniform and a place where people could recycle their old uniforms easily. HandMeDowne recognises the importance of sustainability and recycling.


Going through the School, I have grown out of my uniform quickly at various points. My mum has had no alternative to buying a new uniform at full price, as there was no second-hand shop facility. I decided to set up HandMeDowne to make a difference at School and also as a business venture to accompany my Business Studies course.


My intention is to maintain this as a student-led business. When I leave Downe House in the Summer of 2025, a current Upper Fifth or Sixth Form pupil can take the reins, gaining some valuable business experience and continuing to provide a worthwhile service to the whole Downe House community. 

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